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We have been avid home chefs for years, often hosting friends for large backyard dinners. Mentioned often was that we were always reaching for a pinch of our favorite sea salt.

Our friends began to ask what type of salt we were using and if it truly made a difference. The answer was always the same; Yes!

Cooking with a quality natural salt makes all the difference in enhancing the flavors of the food we eat.

A pinch of our hand-harvested Finishing Flake is soft, light, and gives a slight crunch. It adds everything you desire out of a salt without the salty-burn and metallic taste that accompany salts from others.

With a little research we began to learn the health benefits and realized we had to share this two-fold win with everyone. The artisan quality of our salts and their amazing flavors are one of a kind and truly the best.

Over the last few years we have grown so much and learned so much about salts we now want to bring awareness to them in a modern, and approachable way.